Image by Olaiya Land

Image by Olaiya Land

Hello, I’m Clare.

I created this space as a retreat from the hurried city life in which I had unwittingly found myself. I was working in the corporate world and feeling, like so many of us, overwhelmed with information, obligations and battles for my attention.

Weekends were my opportunity to slow down, prioritise the people and things I loved most, and reflect on the issues that were meaningful to me. I wanted to quieten the noise and rediscover beauty and wonder in the everyday.

Here, I found a place to re-enliven a creative channel – to return to writing for pleasure and to practice what I had begun learning through photography.

It continues to be my main creative home to explore ideas around food, travel and connection.

slow diaries

From solo travel that sharpens the senses, to escapes into the open spaces of nature, and joining like-minded people to discover places like Oaxaca through its food and artisans, or the west coast of Ireland through poetry, myth and music.

And to savour real food made simply, slowly and in harmony with the season and place. 

It’s also where I want celebrate people who are doing things differently. People who are guided by curiosity and wisdom more than what they are told they are supposed to do. People whose voices aren’t shouting to be heard but are the ones I believe we need to hear the most.

I'd love you to join me.